Word of Mouth?

Yes! Word of mouth is the biggest way my photography business grows. Yeah, social media and websites helps, but really you just telling your friends about me makes all the difference!

Every year before Fall begins, there is a little lull in the family photography world for me. Everyone is starting up school again after a busy summer of vacations, by the time October comes around people are starting to think about updating their family pictures or having a picture for their Christmas card. If they're like me they'll forget about it until November when I have to desperately ask a friend to take our family picture quick! Thankfully my friend knows how to use a camera and lets me edit them myself. :D

This picture was taken last year at the YMCA in Estes Park. One perk about living in Colorado is you can take your picture anywhere and have a beautiful view!

This is the picture we ended up choosing for our Christmas card and it also hangs on our wall with our kids' pictures. I once read somewhere that photography isn't art until it turns in to prints that you can hold with your hands. I do believe this! I think getting your pictures printed is so worth while!

One thing I do is take my kids pictures every year. They grow so fast and change so much in just one year! You would think this would be an easy thing for a photographer to do, but it's pretty hard to get everyone dressed and ready for their close up.

I still have to pick a location and time for this very thing to happen. I really hope it isn't November before I get it done!

This year we were on vacation in Colorado Springs and we quick decided to snap a family picture at Garden of the Gods. We were all messy from being on vacation but I love how this picture turned out. I will look at it and remember the great times we had.

What I would really love to do is have our family pictures professionally taken. Some of my favorite pictures are the ones in between shots. It's in those moments where you see things you normally wouldn't in a posed picture. Here are some of my favorites:

Of course most of them are in B&W. {If you don't know me, I love black and white pictures!}

Over the next couple of months I will have a few mini session opportunities! If you want a quick way to get pictures taken, this option is for you. Your family will love you for it.

THANK YOU to all who have shared my business with your friends and family!! You are awesome!

If you've had a great experience having me as your photographer, do me a favor and tell someone to check out my website. I'd love to add them to my list of amazing clients!

~ Heidi