River's Edge Natural Area

Close to downtown Loveland this is a great place in the heart of the city with a great mountain view. It also has some nice trails and pond areas!

Namaqua Park

Located in southwest Loveland this park has many different background options. Woods, fields, trails, a river, green grass....The options are endless and this place can be used anytime of the day.

Horsetooth Reservoir

Rotary Park is located on the east side of Horsetooth Reservoir. It gives you a great view of the mountains, the best time to go here is around sunset. Be prepared, it gets windy!

($9 parking fee)

Devil's Backbone

Devil's Backbone is right off highway 34 in west Loveland. It's great for any type of session. We can go here year round, but plan on a 30 minute hike to get that view!

Fairgrounds Park

Situated in south Loveland, Fairgrounds Park in an easy access, family friendly area for your session. It features a big old bridge that makes a great backdrop.

Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park

Open May-Oct. A little drive up the Thompson Canyon will bring you to this amazing mountain park. It has a variety of different backgrounds with mountain rocks, a river, bridges and an old chapel.

Downtown Loveland

The heart of downtown Loveland makes for a great urban background. There is so much character here! This location requires parking downtown and a bit of walking around.