October 8, 2021 - - Hudsonville, MI

When Jared and Ashley contacted me to take their wedding pictures I was so excited!

1. An excuse to go back to my hometown.

2. An amazing opportunity to document the wedding day of my sister's son. It was a JOY!

Let me take you through the day. When I woke up the morning of the wedding, it was raining and dreary, there was hardly any light outside. I went out to breakfast with my sisters a watched as the rain POURED outside. I could hardly eat. Everything was flooding, there was no way we could take pictures outside. I got to church where Ashley was getting ready and started taking pictures inside of her dress, the rings, the ladies getting ready.

Getting ready.

I walked upstairs to where Ashley was getting her hair and make up done and the SUN was shining in the windows! It was forecast to rain all day long. I couldn't believe it!

The Groom.

Jared was getting ready too... and he showed up to the church in style.

First Look.

Can't say that I have witnessed this raw of a first look like this before.

Hanky anyone?

Actually, Ashley did have her Grandma's handkerchief. It was such a special memento on her day.

Thankfully there was a window of clear sky on the weather radar so we drove out to Holland for some pictures!

I was really looking forward to some great burnt orange color in the foliage, but this was the greenest October I have ever seen in Michigan. It really didn't matter though, it ended up being perfect!

Thunder Rolling.

We finished up just in time for the weather to start rolling in again. On the way back to church we saw a funnel cloud just south of Hudsonville! Thankfully we made it into church without getting too wet!

Thankfully it stopped raining again so we could go back outside for family pictures! The rainbow after was breathtaking!

Walking Down the Aisle.

Ashley surprised her dad when she walked down to a song from his favorite movie.

Jessica's Theme -- The Man from Snowy River.


The end of this amazing day was perfect! It included apple cider, donuts, games and a real-life skit that had everyone laughing!

Thank you!

Thanks Jared and Ashley for asking me to document your day! I loved sharing in your joy and being a part of this experience.